About Us

Hampshire UNITED Soccer Club is a formed organization for  soccer players ages U9-U19 throughout Southern NH.  This organization strives to offer competitive soccer opportunities for all players as they transition from 7v7 to 9v9 to 11v11, by combining the player pool from several southern NH towns with like philosophies into a single UNITED club.

Players will train academy style which allows each player to train, develop and play at their proper ability and commitment.  They will have the opportunity to swing to different teams during the season depending on development and commitment instead of having to wait to the next season.  Quicker rewards!  Players will also have the opportunity to train and work with many different coaches in the academy format, which is better for their overall development as a player.


All of our players are provided the chance to learn, train, and compete with similar-skilled peers under the guidance of highly qualified coaches.

  • High training-to-game ratio for better skill development

  • Competition at the state and regional level for ages 9 and up

  • Age-appropriate training and game formats

  • Professional coaching staff - Led by Marc Hubbard (UNH Head Coach)

  • Personalized attention for the developing soccer player

Soccer is unique compared to many traditional sports in the United States, and with education and knowledge, you can make your child's soccer experience more fulfilling and rewarding. We strive to provide information for you to increase your knowledge of the game and better understand how our coaches approach the development process with our players.

We are very excited for this partnership and hope to offer all players of every level a home to play.

Please take the opportunity to explore our site. If you are looking for something specific and require more assistance, please submit an inquiry to us from the "Contact Us" menu.

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