Tryouts/Assessments being offered again for players looking to play at a higher level this winter.


    Initial assessments will be done during spring team assessments November  8th thru November 11th.   Let them know at registration if your player is interested in being included in the Showcase assessment. Your player may be approached/identified by coaches during the tryout as well.

  • Who is Eligible:

    Any Hampshire United player between U13 and U19 (2003-2009) who plays in the spring is eligible.

  • The Commitment:

    • Weekly training sessions throughout the winter are designed to prepare an elite team to compete in two showcase tournaments
    • Cost: Between $325-$385 per player depending on tournaments  (**an additional fee for a uniform jersey if you are a new tournament team player)
    • Two tournaments in the March timeframe (before the spring season begins) in New England (likely Mass)
  • The Teams:

    • Designed to complement other winter activities including winter training, other school sports, futsal, etcPlayers will be rostered based on skills, with less attention to age (in comparison to the club season)
    • Two teams for boys and girls (depending on the numbers there might be fewer teams)
    • Note: This team is winter only and different from the spring team your player will be on
  • More Information:    

    Our plan is to offer teams this winter for both boys and girls. The showcase teams are a competitive program comprised of registered players from Hampshire United SC who will be assessed/tryout for a roster spot on a team. Since each team will be participating in highly competitive tournaments, we are looking to fill each roster with the right players to be able to compete at the highest level.  This means we don’t get locked into choosing from just one age group.  If a player is talented enough to play at a slightly older group, they will be considered for that team. The coaches will be looking for players with high technical ability, good field vision, soccer IQ, and a learning attitude. We encourage all registered Hampshire United SC players to request assessment for these elite teams. We understand that during the offseason, several players cross-train with other sports, futsal, winter training and we don’t expect this will take the place of those things but to compliment it. Training times are typically at a convenient time in the evening or on the weekend and typically once per week. These training sessions will be delivered in a team setting where players will be exposed to intense trainings focused on speed of play (mentally and physically), functional technical training, transition of play as well as defensive and attacking tactics. This training will create a more confident, capable player who will take their play to the next level for club and school, alike.

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